A peaceful traveller

I had pushed myself all my life.
Had to let go of everything
performing, helping, trying to fit.
Right away after releasing 
the miracle happened.
I was free.

I had polarized the priorities in my family.
I was the heart and my brother the brain.
Right away after combining the two
I was healed.

I had tried to get love from others.
Right away after I began to love myself
others loved me too.

There´s no more beautiful thing than
walking Your own path
embracing it in every step
doesn´t matter if it´s raining
then You dance in the rain
or shining
You are the light of the world
be a gentle spark You superstar.

Hiding Yourself or trying to fit optional.
But respecting the others not optional! (shifts for women, men and both together in beach sauna).
A pic from Natural High Healing Festival of love 2017 in Finland <3