Rhapsody of the Elements

Life is a poem

Light as wind
and it whispers to You
while going through You

Purifying like water
as it washes all Your pain
when You just float in it
and let it take You
wherever is the best place for You right now

Fire burns You free
and is the passion of Your soul
With it You write the great saga of Your life
where You are the hero
who saved the world of Yours and everybody elses too

Mother Earth nourishes Your needs with her plants and minerals
and has secure arms in which You lay down Your whole being every night
knowing that becoming day is even more beautiful than the one that just has ended.

The ether gives You the knowing
that we all are cells of one holy body,
all cells are equal,
the only truth is love
and You and everything else is made of pure shining magnetic love.
Rock climbing at Jaanankallio, Hyvinkää 

After climbing swimming and sitting by fire in Piilolampi, near Jaanankallio.
This pic has been taken in 27th July (2017) at 23pm, how awesome are Finnish light summer nights!