Winter solstice and spiral walk

Winter solstice is a beautiful moment of the year when the day is the shortest in the north. We have gone towards the darkness and stand in the peak of it. After that we live towards the light and have it more day by day.
Winter solstice is a perfect time for a spiral walk ritual. Take a burning candle and put it in the middle of Your marked or imaginary spiral. Take another candle to Your hand and start walking towards to middle of the spiral. At the same time think all what happened this year and release them. When You meet the other candle, light the one in Your hands. Start walking outwards from the spiral and think the coming year. What good things You could ask to happen, how You would like Your year to change.

For me this has always been quite a powerful ritual. I feel so tired and kind of grey walking inwards and releasing the old (it´s mentally and symbolic it´s season of fall). And when I walk out there I feel so free and joyful, I´m a woman of Spring then!

I fully recommend You to make Your own little ritual today <3
I´m gonna do it in my back yard. Have made it also in my living room some year. If You want to do it in Helsinki, hurry to the event 17-19pm: Spiraalikävely Tähtitorninmäellä -facetapahtuma

Some links for further information:
Syringa Mountain School: What is the advent-spiral-walk
Waldorf School: Winter spiral and the meaning of advent
GoddessPriestess: Solstice spiral (Nice pics how You can do it in Your own living room)

The spirit in me honors the spirit in You, namaste <3