What is god, the great spirit of life?

God is the great spirit of life. Underneath, above, inside and within it all. It breaths through us and we are the hands of a god, of a spirit. There´s a humorous story of drowning man who´s praying help from god. Three men after another tries to help him but he refuses every time by saying "No thanks, I´m praying to God and he´s going to save me." After he has drowned he has change to talk to god. He´s angry and says: "I had faith in You and You didn´t save me, You let me drown! I don´t understand why!" God answers: "I sent You a rowboat, a motorboat and a helicopter to save You. What more did You expect?"

So we are the hands of a great spirit. We are souls materialized in the beautiful Planet Earth and only materialized energy can help so powerfully. I think there´s a huge loving energy inside us all eager to come out as acts of love. That´s the passion that You have. That You cannot live without. And if You try to live without it, You feel Yourself just as a fade of True You. Everybody is divine. Everybody has god and goddess inside. We just have to connect with it, hear it and become to act how it asks. We are the hands of god, of the great spirit of life and love.

Great Christian teacher Saint Teresa of Ávila has written in 15th century:

"Christ has no body now but yours. No hands, no feet on earth but yours. Yours are the eyes through which he looks compassion on this world. Yours are the feet with which he walks to do good. Yours are the hands through which he blesses all the world. Yours are the hands, yours are the feet, yours are the eyes, you are his body. Christ has no body now on earth but yours." (Quotes of Teresa Ávila)

So I try to have faith in myself and hear the voice in my head that says in the store: "You have so many groceries You mother of teenagers, and that man after You only a few and he looks so miserable, would You let him go before You?" Or it tells me to say something nice to somebody strange or a friend and I try to force myself to do that. It´s strange how it feels so shameful and stupid to say something nice to a stranger! Do I myself ever ever feel that somebody saying beautiful to me is an idiot? No way, I want to hug them! Oh, it feels so great! Of course it´s because my lack of self-esteem and self-love and that´s why saying something beautiful to a stranger is one of my spiritual practises.
And help Yourself too. Like there´s a saying in hadith: "Trust in Allah, but tie Your camels." Your soul is Your master, and Your body and mind are the tools of it. (Joyfuldays.com: Simple advises to add this quote to Your life "Trust in god but tie up your camel")

The great spirit of life is everywhere. It´s in every human, in every animal, in every plant, in the water, in the sky, in the earth, in the fire. Have You ever felt the healing power of the nature ;-) ?
But it´s also in the material objects. Physical material is made of molecules with have energy. Every item is energy and is vibrating all the time. Even a chair, every rock. You can also charge items. Did You have a favourite teddybear or another cuddletoy or a doll when You were a kid? Do You remember how much loving energy You had charge to it, so it felt almost unbearable to go somewhere without it or sleepin without it? You just refused to sleep without it and made Your parents crazy when the most important thing in their lives was not to forget it somewhere!
Maybe You have another stuff now in Your life which has greater meaning to You, they are not only objects to You. They are Your lovers who vibrate Your love back to You. Your mirrors. And that´s how it works. Everything that You do to others, You do to Yourself at same time. We are the one, don´t forget it. Everything You do, do with Your heart, with Your spirit. It comes to You. That´s karma.
I have a special gift called express karma. If I think badly about someone else, I know that it will not go many days after I´m going to have the same kind of situation in my life than the other one. And life laughs at me and asks me: "Oh, You didn´t like the way Your friend handled his situation, so show me how You are going to handle it ;-) "

Thoughts are powerful tools. Every thought is a prayer: "God, please give me this!" But acts are even more powerful (they are materialized intentions) and so I try to be in the state of awareness and love so much and so openly as I can.  Acts of love come all time back to me <3 :-D You may think that it would sound great to claim that I´m not a selfish person ;-) But it´s not true! If universe would not work this way, I would be much lazier to be kind to others. And second of all: WE ARE HERE TO LOVE OURSELVES! It´s not selfish! We are here to make ourselves happy, joyful, peaceful creatures. And every kind thing that we do to ourselves, we at the same time do to others. We are unite. Everything You do, You do at the same time to Yourself and to everybody and everything in this beautiful gorgeous planet (okay, and in the whole universe, so be kind to Yourself and help the blue little creatures in Mars ;-) When You love Yourself, You vibrate so beautiful energy, so high energy that it touches everything. I´m so glad that it´s made this way: that the love vibrates highest energy on Earth. That the negativity has so much lower frequency that it doesn´t touch us unless we have some same issue inside us that vibrates just the same frequency. And if something inside me has the same negative frequency (okay, I just call it negativity in this duality world, in reality it´s just one face of the great spirit of love helping us to reach forward towards awareness and love), it has yelled outer world to send somebody/something to come to me with the same energy (they are magnetic, we all are beautiful giant magnets!) to help me see it. We ourselves invite every situation in our lives ourselves. Nothing happens without reason. And the reason is to clear all the blocks inside us one by one. Blocks block the light, the love, the great spirit.

And even if You don´t believe in this nonsense talk about rubbish energy and frequencies You can think Yourself as a one cell in this humankind. And I´m sure You really wanted this to be more friendlier place. When You make one cell happy, this "body" of humankind is happier. So make Yourself happy! Do "You think like happiness is the Truth?" Youtube: Happy (Pharrell Williams)

So I´m grateful for every fucking situation in my life. I might have lived many lives before not finding my gifts and not growing spiritually because this time I have made myself just a hard plan that I really cannot get a long with without opening spiritually ;-) :-D I have had an alcoholic grandpa (I spend every summer in their beautiful farm), an eating disorder, I´ve been bullied at school, my first husband was violent, I´ve divorced twice, had several breakdowns, lived in the poverty line almost all my life (in western scale), have been illegally fired from work. Just mentioning few (and not mentioning that I also choose to born in Finland which has for example so beautiful fresh nature and one of the best social security systems (I´ve fallen into it´s burocratic warm and kind arms so many times) and educational systems in the world and to a awesome big loving family to loving parents. And of course we are the country of Santa Claus that has helped me to see this life and everything in it as a giant gift <3

I talked about the energy of material things. Does gathering more and more material things then bring happiness to us? Maybe if they really are Your truly lovers, but are they? I think Marie Kondo (Konmari) has a great message of cleaning our houses (and minds at the same time). She asks us to really fully ask ourselves which object brings us joy and which doesn´t. If something doesn´t bring joy anymore, it might be something we can let go. And at the same time as we let go of the material thing, we let go of the feelings, situations, our problem that is gathered to that material item. Her method has of course it own limitations and everything on it doesn´t fit to everybody. But I know that some of it still has fit for millions of people in the world. We touch it with our own heart and listen ourselves and then choose what we ourselves want to bring out of that story or method or whatever to our own lives. I use it for choosing which items can stay my home and which do I buy from flea market or from my friends (sometimes from a store also, at least my groceries). Which are not meaningful anymore and so on. But I don´t take it too seriously either. I have performed too much in my life and am now just letting go and breathing and doing whatever I hear myself yearning to do. To listen my needs and emotions. So at this particular moment some parts of the Konmari-method are too pedantic for me.

Getting rid of stuff doesn´t mean we have to replace it with new stuff, OMG! Even when we think they are more beautiful stuff. It means starting to respect the stuff You have left. A chair is a chair and it´s beautiful as it is. You don´t need a more good-looking chair or more functional chair (if not braking Your back, oookayyy.. I´m taking this to extreme that You could realize my bullshit talk more carefully and understand how the fashion industry, trends and whole consumption society has programmed us.
All is unit. You are Your things. Respecting Your chair and Your cellphone (no, You don´t NEED a new one!) as it is means respecting Yourself as You are. You don´t really need a newest model of a cellphone. It has it´s way to say (by not functioning properly) to You when something has to be done (fix or let go). Just like our wise beautiful body tells us her/his needs by hunger, tiredness and different kinds of aches and so on. A desire for new things is not Your basic need. It´s just the cultural program in Your head and You can brainwash Yourself away from it (by talking to people which has done it, by breathing naturally, by meditation, by letting go of tensions in our body with massage, yoga, dancing, running... and so on, whatever suits You in that particular moment in Your life).
If something breaks down, try to fix it. Just like when having problems in Your marriage or in Your work, You try to fix them first. I´ve never seen anybody letting go of their marriage after first argument in my whole life and I´ve done healing work all my life professionally and as my great pleasure in free-time (now my dream has come true and those parts of my life has united <3 ). And at the same time I´ve healed myself. Not completely, oh, I´m gonna still have awesome fucks ups ahead! And that´s what makes this play of life so interesting and humorous :-D "God" just orders more popcorn and enjoys. Or like my soulsister just said sometimes god is so bored and says: "Oh, my, I´ve seen this so many times, would You please stop repeating this?!"

Yeah, where were we? Oh, fixing things. When trying to fix a chair, a car or whatever is broken, You´ll get into a healing process and search many anchles into the problem. And after You have search it through, it´s either fixed or You´ve found that You have to let it go. You just surrender and let it go. And that´s the place a beautiful emptiness!! You´ve created holy emptiness where it is plenty of place for miracles to happen. Where is an amazing limitless chance to use Your full potential of Your imagination and just say: "Let this emptiness be fulfilled with something awesome!" If You have courage enough.
But if You don´t, You can imagine a most amazing thing that You dare and make it to a powerful intention by thinking it often and feeling that You already have it (or if that´s too extreme: think that it´s just around a corner coming to You), then just breath and wait and look if You are able to receive it. Sometimes You are (I´ve made so many great things in my life by doing that like trips, weight loosing, runner shoes, better connection with myself and other people, this house (oh, it really wasn´t easy to make myself feel that I could be worth that). Sometimes life has another plans for You. Other ways to teach You and love You back.

But by replacing the broken item (or marriage, job or whatever You´ve got rid of) as soon as You can, You don´t let much space miracles to happen. When I let go of something I can really sense the presence of vacuum which attracts a new thing (material and immaterial) to my life. And I know for experience how hard it is not trying to fill it with Your mind than letting the Great Spirit to fill it.

If You try to get along with the vacuum of a deleted thing for some time (I really mean weeks with an daily object, not food still my friend ;-), months with not daily objects and so on..) You´ll notice if You really miss it, if it really had a precious meaning to You. And You might decide to get another one.
For me it usually goes that way, that I don´t really have to look for it. Someone comes to me: "Oh, I have old funky dancing boots, would You have it?" (like my dear gorgeous fiancé of my bro <3 ) It will make this to universe more easier if You are openly what You are and people know that You are recycler. Many think that it´s somehow shameful and only poor people and hippies recycle (I´m soo glad this changing.. okay I´m a hippie woman and if You have an addiction to box people, You can put me into a one in Your head, doesn´t hurt me, I know I´m thousands of faces of Great Spirit and a hippie is just a one face). Shockingly few people think that buying new stuff  is shameful. Even though it is wasting planets resources, polluting environment and most people who made the stuff (in Asia) don´t get paid enough to feed their families and have a proper place to live. Oh, that sound very jugdemental. How´s sinful throws the first rock ;-) ! Don´t come to judge my house. I really really aren´t minimalist. All the texts that I write, I write to myself. And while writing this I´ve realized how much I determine myself with my precious (LOL) stuff. I was very good to realize these things now, because my beloved soulsister is going to live with me and my kids (if that´s what is meant to happen) and I have wondered where we can place her stuff. Only few closets almost empty. After a month I think I have plenty of room (maybe then even to my soulmate, uuh, that sounded great, OMG, was I brave enough to write it down, have to think hardly am I really ready to meet him ;-) Oh fuck, there´s no other thing scary than being in a relationship! You´ve got to believe me, I know, I´ve now 41 and I´ve been in relationships from 18 year-old until 35 when I divorced from my second marriage. After that I´ve tried that shit only a year in a gorgeous romance. But holy crab how hard it was to me!
Yeah, of course I loved all of them, all these five men in my life. Still love them deeply. But You know how another one can annoyed You so much that You can´t bear him another second? How another one just hits You into Your painful points? Oh, shit it hurst! That´s what relationships do, that´s the essence of them (all relationship and all connections You made with people, but the intimate relationship is the graduate school!). Our partners are our best mirrors and they do show us where is our pain that hungers to heal. So if You really don´t want to grow, don´t You dare step into a intimate relationship, it might change You to a better person!

By the way I just started to watch great documentary from The Minimalists, it´s Minimalism: A documentary about the important things (for example in Netflix.. ha-ha, soon Netflix will give me money from advertising their great stuff ;-D ). It was mind-blowing! (To me in this very situation I´m in now.) Wow, I thought that I haven´t had an big issue with the material because I don´t buy a lot of stuff. But okay... yeah, I´ve been really really programmed by the media and this society. Thank You the great spirit that You haven´t give me so much money before, because I would have spend it to stupid things! That documentary has change me. And still there is parts of it that doesn´t speak to me in this life situation. Like I have a big house with a yard full of singing birds and trees and hammock and view to a little forest and I love my big house when having two teenagers. Our whole family chemistry changed when we moved two years ago. After divorse it was awesome and meant to be to live four years in a small apartment (near forest of course and a lake nearby was a big plus). Because children were smaller and we all wanted to be near each other. But now! Oh, how awful it´s to be a 14-old and just be in a same room with Your ancient mother! You can hardly handle it through the dinners! (Which we always spent together and without cell phones, so teenagers have then one limb less than usual ;-)

So listen to Your own heart, explore the outer world always staying focus and connected to Your heart. Take into You only that thing which resonates to You in that particular moment. Sorry, sorry, I just can´t stop repeating this over and over again. I´ve lost it so many times myself. And I shouldn´t be sorry for repeating it. If I would been able to give only a one guideline to a life to myself, it would be: "Be Yourself". Second would be "Breath and relax because that´s the way You can become Yourself and stay there with love and happiness" :-) Gladly I have another guides too like writing, painting, meditation, bath, dancing, praying, sharing with family-members, friends and strangers, etc. otherwise I would still forget how to relax my breathing.

There´s energy everywhere around us and You can breath it inside You. Did You think air is nothing? No, it has nitrogen, oxygen, argon, krypton, carbon dioxide and other gases in it (hopely not so much pollution, I´m very lucky to live in Finland where our air is so clear and easy to breath <3 ). And those gases has the power to bond energy (they are made of energy) which is a great spirit and we can breath it inside us. The great spirit around us (You can call it angels or spiritual guides or whatever You want to call it if You feel You have to name it somehow so that Your ego can think it might exist. It´s sometimes easier to name it when talking to it, makes You probably feel less crazier. I mean if You want to separate madness of Yours and project it to others. Most of us just talk to themselves silently or aloud. (It has been studied that those who talk aloud themselves are smarter than those who not. No wonder! You are then connected to great spirit :-)

That great spirit has much more power when it comes through materialized things like human beings who give it clear intention. They say there´s thousands of angels around just waiting somebody to give them a permission to act. You don´t have to name it angels. There´s just a big force of love waiting us to be a boss and start it´s working day. You can find Your own way to connect to the force around You and send it to help You or Your friend (You maybe know is sick or unhappy) or the lake near You become more healthier or medical scientist to create better cure for cancer or the whole humanity to get more joyful, peaceful and friendlier.
They call this kind of asking for example praying, sending angels, sending energy (reiki, karuna, etc.). It makes me laugh when I see prohibitions "It´s strongly forbidden to send energy to others!" Is it really to forbidden to pray that somebody would have help in her/his problems? Is it really forbidden to send love? Is it forbidden to love? What the fuck!
You can never ever send bad things to happen to somebody. There´s no such thing than bad energy. Every energy is from the great source and is good, it only has different frequencies. You can feel it for example in cloths made from same material but different color (they heal different kind of things inside us and around us and chakra system is one point of view to this area (Mindbodygreen.com: Chakras for Beginners). Even if someone sends somebody negative thoughts unconsciously or consciously IT WILL NOT HURT! (I´m sorry if You´re annoyed of my yelling but it makes me sometimes sad to read that it´s forbidden to send healing energy (which is just a bit more powerful than loving thoughts) to others. Everybody has her own path. And every situation You meet You have invited to Your life for a purpose of learning more about Yourself and Your life. I remember building my own business when I was marriage. Such a life change while having two small children and financial problems wasn´t easy for my beloved husband to melt. But I needed that mixed and sometimes even very questionable, and You can say negative if You want, energy to make my intention much more stronger. As I opened my healing massage room in Christmas-time I sold immediately 100 gift cards and that was enough to build a customer base in a blink of an eye.

Sending loving energy to somebody can only make it easier to him to get through her problems. (Did You notice how I changed he/she in the sentences, did it annoy You? There´s no she or he in Finnish language and they really are the same. Also the items don´t have genders in our language and that´s how it really is. We all have feminine and masculine energies inside us. Somebody´s more masculine, somebodies more feminine. Life and universe itself is unit, but the world as we see has duality. It has it´s light and shadow. We have become to experience things through that duality, but with feeling and awareness of being whole, being unit. As we really are, as we were before birth, as we are after death.

Thanks for sharing my journey today, it´s my honor to be a part of Your journey too <3
Namaste! (= the Spirit in me salutes the Spirit in You)
Julia Kuu