Touching heals us

When You are a single, Your skin builds up a shelter. It yearns for to be touched.
My skin was like a wallpaper. You don´t go throw it without a knife. There´s a wall against it.
And now. With my boyfriend. My skin is like a lea of flowers. So open, so sensitive and so fresh. But it needs so much, it yells water, yells to be touched. Can´t survive without.

How I ever survived almost six years without being touched with love? Closeness is written in our DNA. We just need it. It´s our basic need. We can survive without. We don´t die without a touch like we do without water, food or a place which is warm enough. But without touching we somehow die inside.
We loose our softness and openness. At least I do. Life becomes being surviving.

That I was thinking today while being without my boyfriend 1,5 days and two nights. Okay, I´m codependent and HSP (highly sensitive person) and those things deepens these feelings. And our relationship is brand-new. But I´m sure You also understand what I´m talking about. Longing for to be touched.

We just need closeness.
I´m a hugger. And a massage-therapist. Maybe that´s why I survived my single-years somehow. I touch every time I can and if it´s appropriate. Myself also. I often caress myself with massage oil after bath and at the same time thank my awesome body for being such a great shelter to my precious soul.
Touching heals.

Hugs for You all <3